Friday, May 6, 2016

Sometimes people suck..

I know that there always be people who will be negative or undermine my best efforts.

Yet still...  My sensitive nature gives way to feelings of hurt.

Last month, I joined a gym and made a concerted effort to stay hydrated.
This month, I have decided to take a break from imbibing alcohol to support a friend and concentrate on the foods I'm eating.

I'm terrible to my body but I'd like to change that.  With age comes wisdom...I think?

Some people in my life haven't been supportive.  What's worse is that they haven't just kept quiet on the matter (which is fine).  Some have tried to get me to eat things I don't need or want. "C'mon you can have some! It's not going to do anything." Umm, how do you think I got to be unhealthy in the first place!? Others have made their comments about the ONE month break from alcohol. "You not drink?! Ha!" or "Why would you come to a bar and drink water?" "You can drink. Your friend would never know."  Well for that last one, I would know and that matters to me. 

Do you think it is ok for your friend to be unhealthy?
Does it matter what ailments run in your friend's family?
Are you truly hoping that your friend is a failure?
Can you not support someone making a positive change despite your own routine?
Am I truly a bore without cake and vodka?
Would you let me question you putting yourself first?
How come we can't coexists with our differences the same as always when diet and fitness weren't discussed?

I am fully aware that I can't change people.  I can only change the way I react.
This is how I decided I should react.  Write it out and let it go. I don't think I would be able to confront people. Shy extrovert? Anyway, I can't hold on to words and actions of other people who thwarting my endeavors to be a healthier person. I think I will use this space to express not only my challenges but also my triumphs in life. 

We'll see how it goes.  For now, this feels good.